As I  mentioned earlier this week, this training cycle I’ve become smarter about how I’m fueling. Instead of snacking because I read that I had to, I started basing it on when I was actually hungry.

Part of this means that I’m also smarter about what I choose to snack on. And that also means making sure that I’m prepared with the snacks that I need at any time… because you never know when hunger will strike (especially when you aren’t following any rules). 


Enter: PROBAR. No matter if you look in my desk drawer, my purse or my pantry at home, you will find a stash of PROBARs. I first stumbled across these a few years ago and they have become one of my favorite brands out there, mostly because they taste so amazing. 



Usually when you eat one of these healthy, protein bars, they have a weird taste to them — at least, they do for me. I hate how you get that chalky, almost chemical taste afterwards. You don’t get this with PROBAR! Which is one of the reasons why I love this brand so much. 

Some of my favorites:

  • PROBAR Bolt: I eat these before I run and sometimes snack on them when I’m hungry and want something sweet (they are kinda like fruit snacks, right?)
  • PROBAR Bite: This is the perfect size bar for a quick snack if your next meal is a few hours away
  • PROBAR Base: I love eating this after a workout when I’m on the go (aka I woke up late and have about 20 minutes to get ready for work)
  • PROBAR Meal: I can’t believe how filling these are. I’ve eaten them for lunch a few times (again, on those crazy busy days!) and they are tasty and hold me over pretty well. 




So, now I’m going to give you a chance to win YOUR own chance to try PROBAR in this super awesome giveaway hosted by PROBAR. Good luck!

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Please note, I am an ambassador with PROBAR, but all of these opinions are my own and I truly do love PROBAR as much as I say I do. You will too once you try it! 🙂  


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