Woo woo, happy happy Friday friends! With only 48 hours until the Santa Rosa Marathon (!!!), today I am talking about my race day goals.

LOLcat goal


Typically I set up my goals so that I have three. An A goal, that is the number one thing I want to accomplish and two other “back up” goals that I would also like to achieve. 

There are no “back up” goals for Santa Rosa Marathon.

Epic run someecards


The only goal I have:

Run sub 3:30.


I have worked months for this goal. I need to remember that. 

I need to remember the 5 a.m. alarms, the two-a-day workouts, the skipping of happy hours (boo), the wanting to give up but never giving in because this goal was looming ahead of me. 

It doesn’t matter how I wake up that day, what matters is how I use my training to my advantage. And that’s exactly what I’m setting out to do. 

It’s a goal that I’ve had for YEARS. And it’s time that I’ve made it a reality. 

So yes. One big goal for Santa Rosa Marathon. 

Let’s do this!

P.S. I’ll be quiet on the blog this weekend, but follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!


Any last-minute words of wisdom? 

How do you typically set your goals? 


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