It has been just a little over a week after the marathon and yet, I still have not gone out for a run. I think it makes my body happy. Usually I go out the Thursday or Friday after a marathon… but this time, I’m giving myself a nice long break. 

I did run on Friday at Orangetheory and my legs were so. angry. I almost fell off the treadmill after the running workout because my legs were so beat. I decided after months of training, they deserved some time off. And it was nice to have a weekend to sleep in for the first time in forever. 🙂




I will probably get back at it tomorrow… but in the meantime, it’s been getting things in order from my two-week travel spree and everything else that falls behind during marathon training. 

Like napping with my BFF. 


And thinking about some fall crafting projects (isn’t this yarn so pretty?!).





How long do you take off after a race? 

Does it feel like fall is in the air by you? What was your favorite thing you did this weekend? 


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