When it comes to a holiday weekend, we typically have plans upon plans upon plans… which usually means a lot of fun, but makes the weekends go by so fast. And, you end up more tired than when the weekend started.

This weekend, we took a different approach. No plans, pure laziness. 



On Saturday, I kicked it off with a 10 mile run and it was HOT. I kinda underestimated how hot it was when I got outside because I didn’t realize that it was going to be as humid as it was. I met a gentleman from Houston around mile 3 and we ran the next mile together; he also said he wasn’t expecting it to be more humid than Houston and wanted some company for his last mile. 

We ran a few errands that afternoon and literally lounged around on the couch for the rest of the day… with some delicious beverages, of course.

Yesterday I spent most of the day getting caught up on computer work (freelancing! blogging! woo!), which was much needed and made me feel way less stressed out. 

What makes me more stressed? Figuring out our finances with the house stuff in mind. I have a pretty sweet balance transfer deal on the table that would reduce my interest payment quite a bit for a big chunk of change, but before I jump on it… need to think about how it will impact our house funding. I can’t imagine that there would be any negative for taking a balance transfer with a) no balance transfer fee and b) an interest rate 15% lower than what I already pay. 

Oh, and we also watched some Star Wars last night!



I am super far behind (aka this is only the second movie I’ve watched). 

Today we’re chilling at home, maybe playing some games and of course, eating some delicious BBQ foods to say farewell to summer!


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What are you doing this Labor Day weekend? Do you tend to pack your holiday weekends with plans? 

Are you a Star Wars fan? 

Any thoughts on the balance transfer? 

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