Yesterday I hopped in my car to get to work and the awesome low tire pressure light came on. I mean, it’s pretty awesome that we now have technology that can give us this warning, but I am such a worrier that it just stressed me out the entire way to work (this is the second time it happened in the past few weeks). 

I decided to suck it up and go to Discount Tire over lunch and have them figure it out. I was assuming the worst… you know, full tire repair. Anyways, walked in, they put the car up on one of those things, and 45 minutes later it was fixed and good as new! Best part? NO cost! How crazy is that?! Talk about some amazing customer service. 

Anyways, my day ended yesterday by participating on a panel for a professional association in Austin where we talked about the multi-generation workforce. I love this topic — I think it’s so interesting to see how us millennials are impacting and changing the face of businesses. 



It’s also interesting to me that so many people have no idea what to do with us. We have a bad reputation: we are entitled, we don’t want to do the “crappy” work; we walk in and think we know everything. 



But this comes from a place of the best intentions. We may come off as entitled, because we are passionate. We want to give our all and do work that we feel good about. We are fine doing the crappy work, as long as we have some of the great work on our plates too. We don’t claim that we know everything, but we do know what we want. 



We want a manager that cares about us. We want work that challenges us and keeps us intrigued. We want work/life balance, and the trust that we will get it done.

There were a few other millennials on the panel, along with one baby boomer, and so many good questions from the crowd. It was interesting to hear both perspectives, as well as share mine and see the reactions. 



Are you a millennial? Do you feel the stereotypes are true? How do you feel millennials are changing the workforce?

When’s the last time you got some great customer service? 

Since this is the furthest post from running ever —> Who’s running today? How far? 


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