No matter how many times we’re told that we need to do something, we still don’t do it… it must be a trait that we hold on to since we were toddlers. Ha! I admit that’s the case with running. No matter how many times someone tells me I need to foam roll after running, sometimes I am a big slacker (okay, most of the time) and simply just skip it.

Anyways, here are some of my confessions… about running. 

I’ve never had a black toenail and it makes me kinda sad.


Ridiculous, right? But in so many forums, articles, etc., it’s often thought of as the true mark of a distance runner. You FINALLY showed how tough you are because you lost a toenail. 

Nope, never happened. 


Despite knowing how bad it is to wear sports bras that are super old, I still do it. 


This is mostly because of not having the funds to replace my entire sports bra collection. I typically go through 8-10 per week (depending how much I workout) and that’s a big investment. I think a slow replacement will be necessary. 🙂


I sometimes drink a beer or margarita the night before a long run. 




This might be a bad habit that’s causing more harm than good throughout training though, honestly…

I have a hard time telling people that I’ve run Boston… four times. 




If you start a conversation with a marathoner, you are likely going to talk about qualifying for Boston. I have a hard time telling strangers in these conversations that I’ve qualified and run Boston, unless they specifically ask. I don’t want to come off as braggy (says the running blogger… ha).

I am terrible at strength training. 




Hence why I am now a member of Orangetheory. It’s so weird, I am not sure why it’s such a struggle… I can go out and run for 3 hours, but ask to me to lift weights for 15 minutes and I just can’t manage to do it. 

I love PROBAR Bolt so much that sometimes that I treat them like fruit snacks.



I’m not quite sure how good this is — since it’s a shot of carbs that you necessarily don’t need when you aren’t running, but man, these things are so freaking addicting that I sometimes eat them like fruit snacks. 


I usually slack REALLY bad when it comes to running on vacation.



I legitimately average one run on a week long vacation, no matter how much I try to plan otherwise. I’m usually so excited to try out a new running trail and explore a new city… and it just doesn’t happen.

Usually we are adventuring around to the point where I’m exhausted and just want to sleep. Plus, we often go on hikes and stuff so that kinda counts, right? On shorter trips, I’ve stopped packing my running shoes so I don’t pressure myself into feeling bad about not going for a run. 


What are your running confessions?

Do you exercise when you’re on vacation?

Strength training lovers: Any tips for finding a passion for it? 


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