Hellooooo Friday! 🙂 And even a bigger hello to a weekend FILLED with football! 

So so so excited that it’s finally back and it’s not just me, is it? 

I’m joining up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC for Friday Five and today I’m talking about… football! And running of course. 



Despite being two completely different sports, I feel like football and marathons do have some things in common… 


1. It requires a LOT of dedication.  

Training for a marathon takes over your life. And, I can imagine that football players say the same exact thing (although, they are getting paid millions of dollars). I love the new series of commercials from Under Armour — you are the sum of your training — so very true (for both football and marathons). 


2. There’s a lot of running. And sweat.




Well, duh. 🙂 But man, wide receivers and safeties kill it by running up and down the field… which means a lot of running in practice and tons of drills to make them fast.

But since there is so much standing around in football, it’s really not THAT far. Estimates come in at about 1.25 miles… BUT they often run at 21 miles per hour! Try that for 26.2 miles. 


3. Injuries just suck.




You can’t get around it — injuries are absolutely the worst. They make you cry; they make the fans cry; everyone just cries. Oh, and it’s not really an injury, but muscle cramps due to dehydration? That’s up there. I finally understand why football players roll around on the side of the field like they’re dying when they have a muscle cramp… because it really is that bad. 


4. Spectators are AWESOME.




Can you imagine what a football game would be like without any fans in the stands? Yeah, I think the same for marathons. Even the smallest races I’ve run (Brooklyn Marathon) have had a handful of spectators who give you that boost when you need it. And they are just as fabulous as if you were running the NYC Marathon or playing on Monday Night Football. 


5. Life isn’t the same without it.



No other sport makes up for football when it’s the off season. By time July rolls around, I am so ready for football to come around! (I know some people would disagree.)

And, marathon training is the same way. As much as we get sick of it or complain about how it takes over our life, life just doesn’t feel the same without a long run on the calendar. Hence the marathon addiction… 


Do you love watching football? Who’s your favorite team?

What other similarities do you think there are between running and football? 

Who’s racing this weekend? How far? Where? Details!


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