And just like, another weekend is in the books. 

It started off with some fun mail. I don’t always check the mail, but that just means that when I do, we’re guaranteed to have some goodies. 

Two of my faves who we knew from way back when we used to live in Minneapolis started their own company, MPLS / STP Clothing Co. (formerly Scared Panda). Last year they had these hats for a hot second and it was top of our list to order some this year as soon as they were back in stock. 

I also had a big box of goodies waiting for me from Bowflex, thanks to Fitfluential. 

Bowflex Body Nutrition




I am SO excited to check this stuff out to see how it tastes and works with my daily schedule. I am still struggling with finding a good breakfast food that a) I enjoy and b) keeps me full for most of the morning. Plus, this may spark a returned love for PB… that shake flavor sounds so good!

The rest of the weekend was filled with football (woo, Gophers and Packers with the wins this weekend!) and getting caught up on some of my knitting projects.

Sky Scarf


I am only 6 weeks behind on the sky scarf, with a lot more blue between now and then. Hopefully we still have some more sunny days coming our way.

Oh, and of course, some running! I did 13 miles on Saturday and since it was a lot cooler than recently, let myself sleep in which was SO nice. The trail was a bit busier at that point, but it was a gorgeous morning to run. And of course… thinking about my upcoming race schedule. I added a new one:

Bun Run 5k


The Scholtzsky’s Bun Run 5k! It will be a ton of fun, the folks over at Orangetheory are going to be involved too. My legs are definitely not in 5k shape (too many marathons) so it probably won’t be my fastest, but it will be fun nonetheless. Plus, how can you beat a name like the Bun Run. 😉


What did you do this weekend? Who are your favorite teams? 

What’s the next race on your calendar? 


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