Thank YOU all for your support and love on Instagram.


I finally hit 2,000 followers and feel so honored! To show my appreciation, I’m kicking off a giveaway on Instagram this weekend… prize TBD. What would you want to win? 

I may have caught the first glimpse of fall in Austin, or maybe it’s just a leaf that’s had a rough life and taunting us with the prospect of fall colors.



There’s a walking trail right next to my office that goes around a little lake and I love heading out there for a break during the day. I am notorious for not taking lunch breaks (or any breaks), but whenever I do, I always feel so much better afterwards. Must. Get. Better!

One of the questions I get a lot is how I fit it all in. From running to working full time; managing a blog and freelancing; doing the “normal” life stuff of grocery shopping; and everything else in between… it’s a lot. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. 

But most of the time, it feels like life. 

I am not the type of person that likes to sit and do nothing… I will obviously do this from time to time (and catch up on some trashy TV to really get the experience of doing nothing). I like to have a million little things going, even if it feels overwhelming. I think that I get this from my mom because she’s the same exact way (even if it does drive my sister crazy about both of us, ha!). 

Anyways, I keep things sane by focusing on doing one thing at a time. Although I have a long-term plan for things and goals (e.g., marathon training), it keeps things manageable if I just think about what I need to do today. Not what I need to do tomorrow, the next week or the next month. This works the best on days when it just seems too much. 



I’ve also learned that it’s nearly impossible to get it all done. I usually wake up with a to do list a mile long (and think about more stuff to do on my run!), but narrow it down to my top priorities with the other things as bonus. Some days I succeed, other days not so much. But it’s all relative.

Maybe someday I’ll slow down; maybe one day I will be able to sit still without a million things on my mind. Until then, the craziness will have to do. 🙂 


Giveaway ideas?

What do you do to get it all done? Do you prefer to be busy? 


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