Today is the day for us squeakers to throw our names in the hat to run the Boston Marathon next year! Squeakers, such the name because we are “squeaking” in with our times, have a lot more stress on their shoulders in recent years as there is inevitably going to be a cut off time for qualifiers.

It’s been an interesting debate on the running groups I follow on Facebook and the Runner’s World forums about what that specific cut off time will be. Whoever writes this blog did a great job analyzing all of the BQ times and providing some fancy math behind it to figure out what the cut off will be… 91 seconds. 

I’ve seen speculation that there will be at least a two minute cut off, down to no cut off whatsoever. I will be throwing my name in the hat regardless, but am interested to see what the cut off will be. 

And if I don’t make it? It is what it is. I will be sad and disappointed, but it’s just a sign that I need to work harder.


Back to this weekend! I kicked off Saturday with a long run that was far from being the best thing I’ve ever done.[faking the smile]

It was supposed to be 17 miles and I was ready to go… but my mind wasn’t. I had to stop for a bathroom break after 10 miles and just mentally fell apart after that. I ended up getting in 15 miles, which is good, but still disappointing. 

It happens. That’s what makes the good runs so great, right? 

I just need to figure out how to make this mind of mine cooperate!



Afterwards, we headed to the Texas Craft Brewers Festival.


At first, I was really “meh” about it because when we showed up at 2 (when the gates opened), the line was probably 150 people deep and ridiculous. I started to have flashbacks to NYC, because whenever we did anything there it was always crazy busy and turned into a disaster — so I was starting to think about the lines just to get a sample of beer. 



But! It was nothing like that. We barely had to stay in line and got to try out some really fun and good beer. I’ve started to realize that I’m more on the sour beer train than I thought (even though they are basically rotten beer… eww.). 


P.S. Make sure you mark your calendars!!



Anyone else a squeaker for Boston? Who’s registering today? Who already registered? 

What was your favorite part of the weekend? Anyone race?

Do you drink beer? What’s your favorite type/brand? 


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