Yay for Thursday (and well, my Friday!)! 

Remember when Thursday used to be the best day in the world because it had the best TV like Friends? I still love Thursday because of the nostalgia from those days. Seriously, can someone make a sitcom that’s as great as Friends? 



I am a member of Marathon Maniacs (after Boston 2 Big Sur in 2013) and as part of it, there’s a Facebook group (anyone can join, such good inspiration!) and last night someone posted a question of how many marathons people run a year. 

Here are some of the answers:

  • In 365 days I did 38 (this year has been crazy). I only planned/scheduled on doing 20.
  • This year I will run 54. Last year I did 44. I’m single and doing marathons is my hobby.
  • This year I’m running 30 (20 already completed).last year I ran 26, in 2013 I ran 37, 2012 I ran 32, 2011 I ran 19


Holy cow! The members of this group are SO inspiring. I am usually in awe at how much they run and it has made it so that whenever I wonder if I should run a race, the answer is almost always yes.

And perhaps, my most favorite comment:

What is possible is what you believe is possible …. You place limits, so be limitless…. Do as many as you feel like it. You only compete with yourself.



In case you missed, I start writing for I Love to Run! The people that bring you all of the awesome running eBibs… 



Head on over and check out some of my recent articles! This one is especially relevant now that it’s officially fall. 🙂


Speaking of fall…




True story. 

I don’t think I bought any candy corn last year (huge success) because of this reason. As much as I love the candy, I cannot stop once I start eating it and usually end up super sick… so not worth it. Let’s see if I can make it two for two. For those of you that love candy corn, make sure to eat a few for me. 🙂


How many races do you run a year? What distance do you run the most? 

Who loves candy corn? Any chocolate lovers? How much candy do you eat in a week? 

What’s your favorite TV show (new or past)? 


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