About a year ago, I saw someone with a shirt from the previous year’s Bun Run and mentally made a note that I had to run that race just because of the name. So when I heard about race registration this year, I definitely had to jump on it!


The race is sponsored by Schlotzsky’s, which actually started in Austin on SoCo (never knew that!). It’s the oldest running 5k in Austin, and used to be in downtown Austin but now they run it in the Domain (fancy shopping area in north Austin). It benefits JDRF to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes. 

So, a 5k! I PRed in a 5k earlier this year and really didn’t go into this race with any goals since I’m focusing on longer distances right now. So my pre-race prep included a night on Rainey at Container Bar and eating some BBQ the night before. 🙂 Great planning, eh?

The race was at 8:30 so it was nice to sleep in a little bit. I got there about 45 minutes before the race and hung out in my car for a bit. I just got these new capris from Brooks Running and figured today was a great day to break them in…


They are SO comfy! I love how they are pretty much seamless and of course, the bright color. These will be good for colder races when I have some spectators looking for me along the way because there’s no way they won’t be able to find me. 

When I headed to the start line, I caught the end of the Kids K which was ADORABLE. I love seeing how excited little kids are to run (especially when they can do it holding their mom or dad’s hand… aw).

crazyrunninggirl.bunrun2Photo source: Schlotzsky’s


Afterwards, we all lined up and heard a little speech from the CEO of Schlotzsky’s, as well as a 10-year-old girl with type 1 diabetes sing the National Anthem (and she rocked it, btw). And, we were off (about two minutes early according to my Fitbit, but I’d prefer that than late!). 

The first mile ran through the Domain, past the Apple store and other fancy stores. From the start, I felt pretty zippy! My legs were happy and I just decided to go with it… I was tracking about a 7:30/mile and it didn’t feel too taxing, so I went with it.

 The race continued on the feeder (or frontage road, for you northerners!) for Mopac, and we ran on a nice downhill slope. At this point, I was running a 7:15/mile and feeling pretty good about it. I hit the mile marker and my mile average was right around there. 

The second mile cut over and started looping back to the Domain on the feeder on the other side. With a bit of an uphill, but nothing killer… just a little shock to what felt so easy on the other side.

The third mile cut through the parking lot, where I started feeling a little tired and cursed the late night. I got passed by one guy (from Orangetheory, actually!), but didn’t let him get too far away. From there, we did this weird loop where you saw the finish on your right but couldn’t turn in just yet. So mean. 

It did give me some extra motivation to push it a little bit. I never really went “all out” in this race, I am not sure why because if I would have, I would have knocked back a PR! 



I ended up with an unofficial time of 23:17, which is about 22 seconds off the PR that I had earlier this year. I wasn’t expecting that, especially after my disaster long run on Friday so I’ll definitely take it! It makes me want to take some time to focus on speed rather than distance and see what I can do to this 5k time… maybe get it into the 22s? 21s?? 

crazyrunninggirl.bunrunPhoto source: Schlotzsky’s


Overall, I thought the Bun Run was a ton of fun and a race that I’d definitely add to my race calendar again. I loved that the course was pretty flat, didn’t loop around the same area too much and was not super packed (there were about 800 runners this year). Plus, Schlotzsky’s had some pretty awesome goodies for us at the finish line!





Do you like running 5ks? Why or why not? 

Did you race today? Tell me about it! 


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