The past two weeks have been a rough time for running for me. After the Santa Rosa Marathon in August, I gave myself a good week to recover and let myself get back into running slowly. Sometimes I feel like running a marathon is such a huge commitment, both mentally and physically, that you just need to go without a plan for a bit. 



I was starting to feel that post-marathon depression and started looking for a race to run. My company has an awesome wellness program, where you can submit your receipts for certain costs (like race registration) and they’ll reimburse it up to a certain amount each year. SO, I was thinking, hey I can run a race and not pay for it? WIN WIN. 

I went back to my old favorite back-to-back marathon training program (Advanced Marathoning) and started going at it. The week runs were fine, the long runs were great until I hit 17 last weekend.


I just could. not. I couldn’t do it. I made it to 15, after wanting to quit at 12, and tried to push through. I am not sure how to describe it because usually I can find a way to push through and break through the mental barrier. But it was a complete disgust and irritation with running, so I thought it was better to quit while I was ahead. 

The same thing happened last Friday when I was going for 20. I made it to 11 and it was a struggle to even make it to 13. I even tried to go to my gym at my apartment to run on the treadmill for a mile to break it up, and only made it to make it an even 13. 

The worst part? I wasn’t even that mad about it. 

I’ve been pushing my body pretty hard over the past few weeks, so as I was thinking about it, I was wondering if it could be overtraining? 

Some symptoms of overtraining include:



But then, many of these symptoms are similar to anemia — or an iron deficiency — which is something that I’ve struggled with for years. I’m really good at taking my supplements for a few weeks and then I’ll feel so good that I stop taking them inadvertently, and then suddenly, I’m back to feeling terrible again. 

Some symptoms of iron deficiency include:


So as you can see, there are similarities between the two… mostly the the symptoms that I’ve been feeling. Lack of motivation, fatigue, weakness/sluggishness. 

However, there are a few symptoms that I’ve been having that stick out to me in particular — excessive thirst and extreme tiredness. If I’m tired, I always find a way to try to justify it or make it into something that’s not that big of a deal, but it can mean something much deeper. 

The solution? I’ve already started taking my iron supplements so hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to tell if I am feeling better. Let’s hope so! I’m also thinking about changing up my training plan so that I’m not doing two a days (right now I’ll run in the AM and do Orangetheory Fitness at night 2x a week) and instead, giving myself quality rest days and not overwhelming with too much working out. 

I have one more shot to get this 20 miler in (aka Saturday) before it’s too late for my next marathon. So, let’s hope that this week turns things around so it can be done on Saturday! Please send good thoughts. 🙂


Do you suffer from an iron deficiency? How do you keep it in check?

Ever over train? How do you “recover”? How do you mentally stay motivated for your workouts? 


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