When people ask me what I love about running, I have a hard time answering that question. For one, where do I start?? And secondly, the part that I love most, I’m not quite sure how I can put that into words. But I might as well try, right?

I do love how running is exactly what you make it into be. Want it to be a social hour? Perfect, grab a few friends. Do you need to get a good workout in? Awesome, head to the track for some sprints. Simply need some time to yourself? It’s like an old friend. 

And in times like that, it’s amazing how running can be there for you. On the days when you absolutely love life and things are going your way, it can be there to help you feel even more fabulous about everything around you. It’s these days when you notice that the sky is a little bluer, the birds chirp a little louder and honestly, like you are in the middle of a Disney movie. 


But there are days when life isn’t going so well, and running is there for you then, too. When I’m sad or in a bad mood, I love how I can go for a run and it instantly helps me feel a little bit better. It may take a little more for me to get out the door, but I never regret the fact that I did. 

It often feels like each and every time your foot strikes the ground, there goes a worry or two… or a tear or two… whatever you may need to unload, you can say goodbye to it with a great run. It might be the fact that the sport is so intense and brutal on our bodies, that it can seemingly take pain out of our bodies and expel them elsewhere… maybe taking emotional pain out of your brain and into your muscles, a feeling of soreness that will always have a little feeling of triumph underneath. 

Of course, running won’t solve the bigger problems in life, but it will help you feel like you can tackle anything… and, clear your head in the process. Running is an outlet that can give you the solace that you need, or even the social time that you crave. 



Do you run when you’re sad? Does it help make you feel better?

What do you love about running? 

Tell me: #1 thing you are looking forward to this weekend!

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