I mean…


Not a total lie, right? Although, I can’t complain too much because the dress code at my work is not strict at all. I generally wear jeans three times a week. With t-shirts (our company gives us shirts for pretty much every reason)… although nothing beats a good pair of sweatpants. 😉



This weekend… a 20 miler. This is the 20 miler I was supposed to do two weekends ago, and failed. And also failed last weekend. I was going to do it on Saturday but ended up drinking one drinks too many and just couldn’t get up when my alarm went off.



Anyways, I finally did it yesterday AM. I think taking the iron supplements are helping a TON because I feel like my old self and averaged around a 9:14/mile, which is right where I like to be for long runs. Plus, the cooler weather is making it much more enjoyable to get out there (and not at the crack of dawn). 

My next marathon is only TWO weeks away, which is crazy to think! It’s been a quick training cycle this time around, filled with a lot of bumps along the way, so I’m hoping that it will only go upwards. 

I saw this quote on Janae’s blog this weekend and LOVE it… so true: 



For those that work —> What’s your dress code like? 

Do you scrapbook? Craft? What’s your jam? 

What was your favorite moment of your weekend? 


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