As I’m sure you are well aware, this month marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a good reminder for women (and men too, did you know that they have a 1 in 1,000 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer?) to check your tatas and make sure they are healthy! 

Speaking of saving the tatas… I’m continuing the conversation about sports bras. Yes, this is the new thing I can’t get out of my head after I learned about everything I was doing wrong with my current sports bras, and want to make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes. 

Last night, I was invited to a special blogger event in downtown Austin with Title Nine. Title Nine is a super fun store that has a bunch of apparel for active women. They have their own branded items, but also feature major brands like MPG, Patagonia and more. 



The event, titled #T9FitFest, was all about finding the right sport bra for you and your needs. It was a super fun night with other local bloggers from Austin, and I loved meeting all the new (and old) friends, including…



Alyse! Since she moved to Austin, we’ve been meaning to get together and she is oh-so-adorable with her little baby bump. 🙂



Anyways, at Title Nine they have a team of “Bravangelists” that specialize in helping you find the perfect fit. I love the way they start the conversation — they first ask how you would describe the personality of your girls. Mine aren’t too exciting, probably close to being non-existent and super into running so need that extra support. 



Based on that description (and the fact that I already have some favorite Moving Comfort bras in the closet), I was fitted with the Panache Sport Marvel (isn’t the same super fun?). 



Now, the crazy part is that the smallest size this comes in is a D — and usually I’m a B (or even an A). So, this is just another reason why you need to get fitted for the right bra! I would have never imagined that I was supposed to wear a D. 

Anyways, I loved this bra from the moment I put it on! It has a contoured fit with an underwire to give you the extra support that you need… especially on the run!

So, once you find a bra that you like… the Bravangelists put you on the ball to bounce and truly test out the bra. I’ve never done this at a bra fitting before, ha, but it was pretty fun! 

crazyrunninggirl.t9fitfest6(I wasn’t brave enough to go bra only… ;))




I am super excited to go run in this bra and see how it fits after a handful of miles! I will definitely keep you guys posted. I do think that, regardless of your size and your sport, you NEED to get fitted!

It’s amazing how taboo sports bras are in the world of fitness, even though they are probably one of the most important pieces of equipment that us ladies need. With the tatas top of mind this month, it’s the PERFECT time to go and make sure you are fitted right. 

On that note, check out Title Nine to see if they have a location in your area. They will be hosting Fit Fests around the country next week with an opportunity to get your own sports bra fitting and well, chat it up with other fitness enthusiasts.

In Austin, they will be hosting two next Wednesday and Thursday night! RSVP here. P.S. Even though they are located on Lamar and 5th — parking is a breeze because they have their own lot!



Have you ever gotten a sports bra fitting? I just asked a few months ago, so I hope I get some more yeses! 

What’s on your wish list for fitness gear this fall? 

How far are you running today? 

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