So, those hills really did a number on my legs! I worked from home yesterday as I’m not quite sure I would have made it into the office if I had to move too much. It always feels like the afternoon of the day after a marathon is the worst day for pain. 

Which of course, reminds me of this video: 


Ha, ha. I didn’t even attempt to put socks on today, btw. P.S., a super good tip is to take stairs and hills backwards when your legs are super sore. I learned this a few years ago and it’s such a lifesaver, especially after running the NYC Marathon and heading to the subway afterwards… 




OBSESSED with this show. I did bawl at the last episode.

So yesterday I started watching every episode in season one. There is so much stuff that I forgot that happened! Like Zeke cheating on Camille, Joel having that woman obsessed with him and kissing him… ayy.

I do love being able to watch TV shows from the very beginning because it makes the rest of the show make so much sense… like Friends. I used to hate the finale (the whole Ross and Rachel getting back together thing?), but now that I’ve re-watched from the beginning, it’s grown on me and I think they did end the show the right way. 

Anyways, after every marathon I always tell myself that I’m going to take the full week off and by Wednesday, when on the outside, my legs are starting to feel a little bit less like jello and a lot more normal, I usually am itching to get out and run. 

But this time, it’s going to be different. I will not run until next Monday! Promise! 

I think that may be part of my problem. I run a marathon —> take two days off —> jump into training for the next marathon —> two weeks later, I’m ready to strangle running if it was a person and dying to have some time off. 

So, my challenge for myself, take a break. Find some time to miss running. And then get back into training… the Houston Marathon is a lot closer than I was thinking. (How in the world is it only two months until Christmas?!)

crazyrunninggirl.houston2013[Houston Marathon… 2013? Love this race!]


That also means no OTF this week! I did have a class scheduled for Thursday but I need to stay true to my no running process.

(And this blog post just makes me sound like a crazy person.)


Did you watch “Parenthood”? What’s your favorite TV show?

How long do you take off from running after a race? 

What’s a challenge that you are tackling right now? 


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