When new runners ask me what they need to get started, I usually respond with a really short list:

  1. good shoes.


To me, that is the most important thing that you need to have when you start running. As you start running longer distances and running more, these needs change a little bit. 

There are a TON of things on the market that are all said to runners as what YOU need to be the best runner ever, right? But honestly, how can you know what you need and what you don’t? 

I think you just need to try some things, and if it makes your running better or more comfortable, it’s meant to be. I personally have a long list of things that I can’t live without… but running underwear (or runderwear)? Never topped my list. 

The good people at Brooks Running sent me a few pairs of their running underwear a few weeks ago and I admit, I was skeptical. How in the world will this underwear be any different than what I already wear? 


Well, I guess you never know until you try. With a lot of running things, I’ve found that it’s actually the lack of feeling anything that makes me fall in love with products. AKA not having IT band pain thanks to some awesome Glycerins. Or not dealing with chafing thanks to some Friction Defense

And, that’s what I found when I ran with the runderwear from Brooks. 



Just a feeling of… nothing. They are designed with sew-free seams and technical wicking fabric, meaning that there is no irritation from anything on your skin. They also have an antimicrobial finish, keeping them fresh and sweat stink free. 

I’ve tried two of the three that they offer —> the bikini and the thong. Now that VS has moved to my “meh” list (seriously, what did they do with the quality of their clothes?! they jacked up the prices and made everything so cheap… ugh), I seriously want to live in these. #shoppingspree


So yes, while you might not necessarily NEED running underwear in your life to get your run on, it will just make it that much more comfortable (with a pop of fun colors in the process ;))… and when you don’t have to worry about your underwear causing discomfort, you can enjoy the run just that much more. 


What are your “must-have” items to keep your workouts comfortable? 

Have you tried runderwear? What did you think? 

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