Hi Thursday, I love you.


Welcome to another edition of Three Things Thursday! I am addicted to these posts. 


This week I did something kinda crazy: I signed up for the Be the Match program. If you aren’t familiar with Be the Match, it’s a bone marrow donor program that matches you with someone who has cancer and could potentially be cured with your bone marrow. 


I learned that a common misconception is that it hurts (which scared me away for a long time) but the person I spoke with said that 75% of the time, it’s like a plasma donation where they take out that essential element in your blood and put the rest in your blood stream. Twenty-five percent of the time, specifically for pediatric patients, they would have to take it out of your pelvic bone and that, you would have to go under anesthesia. 

Right now, there’s a 1 in 550 chance that you would ever get contacted to donate. It could happen in three months, or it could happen in 20 years. 

The idea that I could give something to help save someone’s life… wow, that’s pretty awesome! 


I’m starting to think about what’s going to make my Christmas list this year (should I be responsible and ask for some stuff for the new house? maybe. or not). Anyways, the people at Funktional Wearables sent me one of their products to try out. 



It’s such a cool idea… basically you see everyone with a Fitbit on their wrist (um, mine is busted again… seriously?!) and they are not the most fashionable in the world, especially if you are dressing up for work or for a night out. So, this solves for that by letting you put the little tracker in the underside of the bracelet.



The thing I love about Funktional Wearables (this one is my favorite) is it gives you a splash of fashion and still lets you track all of your info. Plus, they are a good price! Definitely a great add for the fitness wearable lover in your life. 🙂


This weekend we are headed to Houston for a music festival. Check out that lovely weather:



Eesh! Tonight we are going to get some ponchos and some fun hats to keep the rain off our faces. I really want to get this one: 



Hahahahah. 😉


What’s your favorite restaurant? How often do you go out to eat? 

Do you think your fitness wearable is “ugly”? Do you try to hide it at all? 


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