I am joining up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC for another edition of Friday Five. This week, it’s all about five things that you love. So, I figured that’s a pretty broad topic so why not talk about running (some more). 

And plus, I’m holding to my goal of not running at all this week so I’m starting to get to that point where I actually miss it and am excited to get back out there! 

1. I love that running makes me feel strong.



Granted, my arms don’t feel that strong but I’m working on it. It’s amazing — physically and mentally — what you can conquer what you run and this feeling of strength goes beyond just running. Knowing that you can conquer a marathon gives you strength to conquer some of the other challenges in life, even if they have nothing to do with running. 


2. I love running because it makes me feel so motivated.



This week, I’ve been waking up at 7:30 a.m. to get ready for work. I set my alarm for 7:04 a.m., turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep. This NEVER happens when I run! 

I find that on mornings I don’t run, it takes me a few hours longer to wake up than when I do run. Sure, those first minutes running are hard and suck, but so worth it to feel motivated and energized for the rest of the day. 


3. I love running because it allows me to eat mostly anything that I want. 



Within reason, of course. I’ve learned that there are certain foods that my stomach just doesn’t like (aka a bag of candy corn in one sitting), but I do love that I can grab some ice cream after dinner and not feel super guilty about it. I’ve also found that running has helped me redefine the “anything that I want.” Eating healthy = fueling your body right = better running. 


4. I love that running reminds me to smile.



Brooks always talks about running happy and it’s true. In this crazy journey called life, it can be hard to take a moment to take a deep breath and enjoy all that’s around you. But running let’s you do that. Whether it’s seeing the morning sunrise or enjoying a peaceful moment on the trail, it’s amazing how running can make time slow down so you have a moment to enjoy it all (but honestly, sometimes that time can speed up on those really torturous runs). 


5. I love all of the awesome people that I’ve met through running!



From running my bachelorette party with a group of girls that I met through Twitter to all the awesome people I’ve met through my blog, there are a lot of amazing people out there who run and I love being part of this community! 


What are 5 things you love about running? 

Non-runners: What are 5 things you love about your life? 

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