Yesterday on our way back to Austin we made a pit stop in Houston at the Adidas Clearance Store. The best find?

crazyrunninggirl.bostonmarathongear{please excuse the photobomber}


2015 Boston Marathon gear! I got a pair of capris for $30 and shorts for like $16. Suh-weet! I love the gear that they put out for the Boston Marathon every year but usually can’t afford to splurge much beyond the jacket (which is a must) and a hoodie (which I can never have too much of). So, if you are searching for some gear from the race, go check out Adidas and see if you can get a good deal on them!

Speaking of good deals… Black Friday. REI came out yesterday and said that they will not be participating in Black Friday this year and instead, will be hosting a campaign for people to #OptOutside. 




I admit, we used to shop Black Friday. Back when we were in college, it was when Black Friday was just starting. All of the stores opened at 5 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving and the deals were pretty insane. You know, it’s when people actually bought CDs and DVDs so when you could get them for $1 instead of $15? So worth it. 

But now… I feel like greed has ruined Black Friday. It’s no longer an event that happens on Friday… last year, stores basically didn’t give their employees Thanksgiving off! That’s insane. 

So, we boycotted. And will probably continue to boycott. The interesting thing is as the hype has built around Black Friday, the worst the deals have become. Articles have come out saying that brands and stores are now building special models just for Black Friday, obviously at a cheaper price so that they can more money on it. 

#OptOutside reflects what Thanksgiving should be about… time to spend with your family and friends. Run a Turkey Trot! Spend the day cutting down a Christmas tree! Just hang out with people around you, instead of hurdling other people to save $20 on a material item that won’t matter in five, 10 or 15 years. The memories from spending time with your family and friends? Those will stick.



What do you think about the #OptOutside campaign? 

Do you shop on Black Friday? What counts as a “good” deal for you? 


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