Thank you all for your kinds words yesterday! It’s helpful to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way, and that the end may be in sight (even if it’s a few years until that point). Until then, at least there’s good craft beers and lots of marathons to run, right? 



Last night, I got to do something special and preview a new fitness studio that’s opening in Austin!


More on this tomorrow. 🙂



I loved reading Kara’s post the other day about her debate about whether she is lazy or overtraining. I feel like I was going through this same issue just a few weeks ago! Granted I’ve only run twice, but I feel like my time off was extremely helpful and made me feel more like running. 

But it is true — it’s SO hard to tell whether you are overtraining or if you are just simply making excuses. And when you read everything on the internet telling you that you are weak if you aren’t training, it makes it hard to take a step back and realize that. 



So since it’s Friday eve, some of my favorite memes recently:















Do you ever feel “lazy” for taking a rest day?

What’s your favorite meme? 

RANDOM –> What are you dressing up for Halloween as? 

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