I know that the Biggest Loser gets a lot of heat for its questionable weight-loss tactics for its participants, but there is one thing I love about the show (there used to be two, before Jillian left).

I love that that spend time breaking down the psyche of the participants to understand what drives them and what may have caused their weight gain. It’s so interesting to hear how different life events can be triggers, and how finding a healthy lifestyle can finally be a way to go through the grieving process.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to preview a new fitness studio that’s opening up in Austin, TX and aiming to do just that.



Called UR Fit Wellness, they are focused on learning what makes people tick — why do you want to work out? Why do you have that goal? Whatever it may be, they want to find the reason why and work with you on that.



In addition to the work out stuff, they’ll provide nutrition services to their clients through Seed Catering and something else really cool — the Fit3D ProScanner. This is the only one in Austin. 



It’s designed to get an accurate idea of your body measurements, so you know exactly where you stand and how much you have to lose. I love the idea of it because you get a 3D image of your body, your measurements (down to a tenth of the inch) and have it tracked so you can see what happens over time.  


Of course, I wasn’t as in love with my measurements as I thought.



They were higher than I hoped to see (the bust one is definitely off, I think from my padded sports bra because that is definitely not even close to being right! :)), so I have some work in front of me. I love that you can do side-by-side comparisons of your results because that’s such great motivation! And it’s always fun to see how far you’ve come. 

Anyways, if you have an opportunity to try a Fit3D ProScanner, I would definitely recommend. It’s quick and painless, and you can get some cool data that will help you stay motivated and ready to work out. 


Do you watch Biggest Loser? Love it, hate it? 

Have you ever done anything like the Fit3D ProScanner? What did you think? How often do you take your measurements? 

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