Hip, hip, hooray! It’s Friday and time for the weekend. We have a lot of fun stuff planned, including going to our first UT game and heading down to New Braunfels for WurstFest. 

But first, let’s enjoy Friday and as part of Friday… it’s five things with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC. Today, we’re talking about race signs. 

I always love seeing how creative people can be at marathons with the signs that they make and could never even come up with some of the awesome sign ideas that people have. They are SO helpful when you are getting down on yourself or hitting the wall. A good sign always gives you a little extra boost to keep going when things get tough. 

So today, I’m sharing my tips for making the best signs for a marathon. 



1. Be creative. The creative signs… the ones that make me laugh are my favorite! You know, the ones that pull in some “your mom” jokes or other current pop culture references. I can always enjoy a good laugh when it’s mile 14 and I’m starting to wish I was at home and in bed. 



2. and if you aren’t creative, just be nice. Being nice — like saying we’re awesome (because duh, all runners are) goes a long way. I also love the signs that say “touch here for power.” 

3. But remember to keep it simple. I feel like I get kinda dumb in the middle of a marathon, apparently my body is busy using my brain power for other things. So, try to keep it simple. If I have to think too hard about what you’re trying to say, I’m not going to figure out what you’re trying to say. 



4. Pair it with some loud cheers. Nothing gets me moving like hearing some fans cheering, loudly, and with a good sign… it’s like gold. If you don’t like to yell, you can always bring more cowbell.


5. Don’t say “almost there.” I don’t care if you are at the finish line cheering that, I hate hearing those words during a marathon. Is it just me? I know people are just trying to be nice but when you have four miles to go, you are not that close to the finish line. 


Any other tips? What are some of the best race signs that you’ve seen? 

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