As much as I love social media, the one thing I don’t like is the feeling of FOMO I get every Saturday and Sunday when I scroll through my Instagram photos and see everyone racing BUT me. 

The art of disciplined running may be nearly gone, but I think it’s a practice that for some people, we should continue to honor. 



What do I mean by disciplined running? I mean finding a training plan and sticking to it. Not running that 5k this weekend as part of your long run because it’ll be so fun (guilty!), or throwing in another marathon a few weeks from your goal race because you have the post-marathon blues (guilty!)

And I should caveat for some people. This man, obviously, perfected the back-to-back marathon with a nearly exact time in both races (2 minutes is pretty close to exact when it comes to marathon times). As a member of Marathon Maniacs, there are people who run marathons every weekend and rock it out!

But for some people, the art of disciplined running still remains true as the way to get that goal time. I feel like I might be one of those people, given my recent performances at marathons… where I continue to run them back-to-back, only to have slower and worst results along the way. 

I spent my days pounding out the miles… upon miles… working out for four hours a day some days, and what did it give me? Tired, exhausted legs and a race where I nearly fell apart at mile 24. I’ve never felt that bad at the end of a race, and over the past few months, I’ve started to think about it. 



Why did I feel so bad? I worked harder than I ever did before, logged all the miles and then some. And while I’m not for certain, I do think that this is the exact reason why I felt as terrible as I did. 

I had no fuel left in the tank come marathon day. I used it all up trying to “train” myself and prepare for the big day. 

So when I got to the big day, it was a big flop. 

I’m still learning, which is crazy to say after 20 marathons. But for now… I’m practicing the art of disciplined running. 

crazyrunninggirl.nycmarathon-brooklyn[nyc 2014, the race that was supposed to be THE ONE]

I guess it comes down to what your goals are and what you are hoping to achieve. Do you simply love to race, and want to run all the races? Or, are you aiming for a goal time? 

If you’re aiming for a goal time, focus on that. Take a deep breath. There will always be other races, but there will only be this one goal race. 

As I look at the race calendar and see it filled with all of these fun races, it’s hard to stay disciplined. But, as I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s even harder to cross that finish line and be oh so far from your goal… because of what you’ve done. 


Do you practice “disciplined running”? Or do you want to run all the races? 

What is a big goal you have in front of you? Sending you lots of cheers! 


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