Happy Friday the 13th!




Today I’m joining Courtney’s link up at Eat Run Pray DC to talk about how to stay healthy during the holidays. 

It can be tough… especially if you work in an office like mine where there is ALWAYS something good to snack on. Luckily most of it has chocolate and I don’t like chocolate, so it helps me stay away. But, with all the good food around (because there are also tons of dinner parties and festivities this time of year), it can be hard to stay on track with your eating goals. And of course, there comes the element of time — this time of the year is SO busy that it can be tough to find the time to work out. 

So, here are my tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays:



1. Drink water! Water is your friend. It’s no calories, keeps you hydrated, does wonders for your skin and can also take away cravings for some of the sweets that may be lying around. I always carry a Nalgene around me and find that I unconsciously drink more water when it’s with me. If my brain is starting to tell me that I must eat whatever snack is in the kitchen, gulping down the water usually proves otherwise. 


2. Spend time planning it out. Things are inevitably going to get busy, but I always feel like I have a better handle on things if I plan it out. If I know I have to be to work early one day, I swap workouts or find a different time to get it in. When it comes to nutrition, having a plan for what to eat makes me much more disciplined than just going with the flow… especially when there are lots of goodies around. 


3. Set goals. I currently have a goal to cut back on the amount of soda that I drink. I was drinking about one a day and have been trying to cut down to one a week. Oh, the caffeine headaches!

I know a lot of people are tentative to set goals during the holidays because they are too busy or feel like it would set them up to fail. But in doing so, you can help to keep yourself on track. Sign up for a race, set a goal to exercise so many days a week or even, to give up an unhealthy food. Remember to keep them reasonable so you have a chance to succeed… which will only keep you more motivated.


4. Make it a team activity. Whether you get the entire family involved or grab a few of your friends, make staying healthy something that you do as a group. Having someone else on the same page as you makes it easier because you have someone to vent to (how DARE they bring in cake AGAIN at work… ;)) and someone who can help you stay motivated. 


5. Allow yourself some indulgences. It’s the holidays after all. I do love Jillian Michaels’ tip to take three bites. Just because you decide to have a piece of that pie, doesn’t mean that it has to turn into the whole pie. Take a few bites and see if that takes care of your craving… most likely it will!


What are you tips to help stay healthy during the holidays? 

What’s your favorite treat during the holiday season? 


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