Last Wednesday, I said adios to Austin and headed back to Wisconsin for a long weekend with my family. I started to get a little homesick in September and didn’t like the feeling knowing that I wasn’t going to be back to my home state at ALL for the year, so had to change that. 



As crazy as it sounds, my trip started with a layover in Minneapolis that I specifically picked… so I could grab a Vanilla Mocha from Caribou Coffee in the airport. I am not a big coffee person, but I LOVE Caribou. 



And well, they don’t have any of that red cup drama going on… 😉

Of course, I had to do some of the classic Wisconsin things while I was in town.


BINGO – my parents, sister and I took a day and headed to play bingo. Bingo is intense in WI — we played for 3 hours! None of us were big winners, but afterwards, we did head into the casino. So, if you aren’t in their database, the casino will give you $10 in “free play” on a card. My sister and I both got this, and we were lucky to win off this. So, I won $18 and my sister won $35! That was pretty awesome.




CHEESE – cheese is just part of the culture in WI. So of course, besides eating it for every meal (yes, breakfast too), we had to go to the cheese factory and see where the magic happens. The cheesemakers were super confused why I was taking their picture, ha, so I’m glad I was able to get this one before they had looks of confusion on their faces. 🙂


MONOPOLY – We probably play Monopoly in the most messed up way possible! Ha. We ditch the $1 bills, don’t do free parking and usually start the game by handing out 2-3 properties just to get it moving and make it a little shorter. The rule is always NOT to trade with my Dad, because he’ll end up getting Boardwalk and Park Place.

Well, I was struggling, and had to make the change… and this is what happened. Ha!


Overall, it was such a good weekend and so much fun to spend so much time with my family. 

Oh, so the running. Yeah, I’ve been slacking it up! I had big plans to run last week and ended up with a mediocre week:

Su – Rest day

M – 5 miles and OTF

Tu – Rest day

We – Rest day



Th – 3 miles with 1 mile tempo

Fr – Rest day

Sa – Rest day


Um yeah, 8 miles isn’t acceptable at this point for marathon training for Houston in January. Mentally, I’ve been having some issues getting on board, but I need to change that. 


How was your weekend? Do you live in your home state?

What was your favorite thing that you did this weekend? 

Help me get my motivation to train back!

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