Happy Monday, everyone! It’s such a short week (my Thanksgiving plans start today, actually!) and an official kick off to my favorite time of year… the holidays! I love the festivities, even if it doesn’t include snow down here in Texas. 

This weekend was a lazy weekend as the cold front blew in…





But we of course had to go and cheer on the Packers. Go Pack Go! I’m so happy that they won, but honestly, they don’t look like the team they used to be. I’m not quite sure what happened (and no, I don’t think Olivia Munn has anything to do with it), but I hope they get back into action quite soon so they can make it through the Super Bowl.


I did get a run in because I had to break in my new Glycerins from Brooks. I really have not been running much lately, and that freaks me out slightly because of the Houston Marathon. Right now, my mind is driving my life and I’m letting it do that… sometimes you just need to let go of control and see what happens. That’s what I’m trying to do. 



And lastly, I got something fun in the mail today before I left… the Runtastic Moment Classic, in pink of course. It’s a new generation of wearables (as you can see, looks more like a watch and less like a Jetson bracelet) and still tracks your activity, sleep, etc. I am excited to try it out and see what it’s like. Look for a full report soon. 🙂

Oh and P.S., this shirt was just added to my wish list:



Favorite football team? Favorite sport to watch? 

Where are you headed for Thanksgiving? Do you have to fly, drive, walk? 

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