I am going to do the most cliche thing and talk about gratitude. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so of course it’s top of mind. 

And even more cliche? Let’s start with the definition. 



What does it really mean to be grateful? To express our gratitude? It feels like as we become more obsessed with technology, our gratitude goes further and further away. It’s almost like those small things that used to mean so much to us… they are just accepted as normal.

I think a good way to explain it is cars. Back in the day, cars were basically machines and you had to be very careful with how you operated them. Comfortable seats? What? That’s awesome. You mean you can drive this thing more than 500 miles at a time? Even more awesome.

And, as they’ve become more advanced, so has what we appreciate about these vehicles. We think it’s just normal to have automatic locks, automatic windows and reclining seats to fit our bodies the best. We are less thankful for those things that we’ve started to take for granted and don’t recognize our appreciation for them. 

The same can be said for other aspects in our life. Other daily conveniences, or even that surround us. We start to take for granted the little things that used to seem so amazing and suddenly become mundane as they become part of our daily life… and we just drive our expectations hire and hire, to a point where nobody or anything can seem to please us. 

So, let’s learn gratitude.

Let’s learn how to say thank you, and appreciate, the little things in life.

The cold air against our face on a morning run. The bright sun warming our cars in the afternoon. That stranger who held the door open for, even though he didn’t have to. The snuggle from your cat, dog, son, daughter, spouse, sister.

Live in the moment, love the moment and be thankful. 



What are you grateful for? 


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