This year I did something a little different for Thanksgiving and headed out to Colorado to visit one of my best friends. Stephanie and I have been friends since middle school and it’s amazing how we’ve kept in touch over the years, even as we’ve lived in different states and our lives have drastically changed. It makes me so happy to still have her in my life. 🙂



We started our trip with some adventures to the local breweries; there are a TON in Colorado if you didn’t know!



I found out that porters and stouts should not taste like vinegar (like they do in TX), so either it’s the altitude or I haven’t had a good one in my life before going to Colorado. 

The next day, we headed to Estes Park and hiked Gem Lake. It was so awesome that I will have a separate post all about it. I didn’t expect to walk on a frozen lake this year, but that was fun! 





I am sure by the end of the trip, Steph was sick of me saying how beautiful Colorado is… but man, it really is! We headed up to Steamboat and did some Thanksgiving skiing. 



So, we’ve skiied in Vermont for years, and Colorado skiing is much different. The mountain is huge and the runs are much harder… but so much more exhilarating. It was amazing, even if my legs felt like jello by the end of the day. 



On the way back to the airport, I got to see some snow flurries and seriously the most amazing interstate view ever. 

So gorgeous! I seriously want to go live in a cabin in the mountains for the rest of winter and just watch the snow fall. Who wants to join me? 


While I did get some exercise from skiing and hiking, I did not run at all while I was in Colorado. I have had a hard time getting up and having the motivation to do it, and I am just letting it be that. I’m not freaking out, stressing out or getting mad at myself for it. It might be a sign that my body needs a break. I did hit up some Orangetheory today, and that’s good. 

I do have the Houston Marathon in a few short weeks, so I do need to find that motivation. Hopefully this week. My sister sent me this quote yesterday and I love it: 



How long have you been friends with your “oldest” friend? 

What was your favorite part of your Thanksgiving weekend? 

Who loves to ski? Where do you go? 

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