It’s that time of year once again! I absolutely LOVE the holiday season. It does make it a little tough that since we live in Austin, we don’t really get any snow (boo!), but I still feel like it can be pretty festive… it’s up to you to make it as festive as you want, right? 



Anyways, kicking off December with some ideas for stocking stuffers for runners. I’ll be sharing a post later this week that includes some of my favorite gift ideas for runners and fitness fanatics, too! 🙂


1. Hair Warrior


It’s kinda funny because when we work out, we spend so much time focused on making our bodies stronger… yet we forget about our hair. My hair was looking pretty rough until I cut about five inches off a few months ago, and I think a big part of it was from running and just letting the wind whip it around and it was getting dried out.

Enter: Hair Warrior! Some great stuff to keep your hair healthy while you are getting your sweat on. It helps to strengthen the ends… they call it an electrolyte for your hair. 🙂


2. The Drift Glove


Running in the cold, winter wind can be a battle and I know the one thing that always freezes first are my hands. I love these gloves because they have an extra layer to keep your hands safe from the wind, and you can easily flip over so that you can still move your hands around. I think they are great not only for running… but would work for hiking, skiing and everything else you can do in the winter months. 


3. PROBAR Bite & Bolt


4. Registration for an upcoming race



I am totally not the type of person that will give people gift cards for the holidays (unless it is a last resort) because I like to find something that is personalized so I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it lame to do this?! Well, for runners, this is the best thing that you can do! There are so many races that I want to run and never enough money to do so. A stocking stuffer saying I have a registration coming for an upcoming race? Awesome!

(P.S. If you are gifting this, you may want to cap it… races can be expensive. :))


5. Duel in the Sun


This is by far my most favorite running book that I’ve ever read. It talks about the 1982 Boston Marathon, where Alberto Salazar won the race by 2 seconds over Dick Beardsley. Yes, a 26.2 mile race won by just TWO seconds! It’s such a great story, super inspirational and a great read. Highly recommend. 


6. Compression socks



Compression, what? It’s kinda funny because compression socks used to be for people who had varicose veins and diabetes. But, the benefits of them (increased blood flow leading to improved muscle recovery) have been found to help runners a ton. I wear my PRO Compression socks on race day and long runs, and they are key to keeping my legs fresh. 


7. Fun running socks! 


Earlier this year, Brooks launched its Pacesetter Sock collection and they are releasing new designs on a monthly basis. 

I LOVE these! They are so fun to wear for themed races, shorter runs and well, around the house… let’s be honest. 🙂 You could even create your own sock of the month club and send these out to your runner as they are released from Brooks. 🙂


8. A headlamp 


People think it’s weird because down here in Austin, we don’t really wear headlamps on the trail around Town Lake. BUT headlamps are a lifesaver if you are running anywhere where you are unfamiliar with the roads or trails, and to help you be seen by cars. Headlamps can range from being pretty inexpensive to being pretty costly. I have one (above) that cost me $10 and it’s amazing. 


9. Nalgene stuffed with goodies!


This is an old standby gift idea… and perfect for a stocking stuffer for someone that you don’t really know that well. Runners can ALWAYS use another water bottle (we lose them, break them, etc.) and stuffing it with gels, bars, snacks and everything in between (you could even do salt pills, socks, headbands, gloves…) is a perfect gift of wonder. 


10. Momentum Jewelry



I love these bracelets from Momentum. They are awesome for an extra dose of inspiration, which I think we could all use every once in awhile. I like to wear mine around, but you can also wear them on race day as motivation to keep pushing through. 


Any other stocking stuffer ideas for runners?

What do you hope to find in your stocking this holiday season? 

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