As I mentioned in my stocking stuffer gift guide for runners yesterday, a really good snack I love is PROBAR. Over the past year, these have become a part of my daily life. 

I always eat a handful of PROBAR Bolt before I go for a morning run.

crazyrunninggirl.bolt-hiking[if only my view always looked like this at breakfast…]

They are just the perfect amount to get my energy up after sleeping all night. And I’ll admit, sometimes that I will eat some of them for a snack when I want to eat something sweet. Just one or two of these will make my cravings go away! And it’s better than candy. 🙂

I think I’ve mentioned that over the past few months, my metabolism has sloooooowed wayyyyy down. When I read Meb for Mortals months ago, I thought Meb was a little crazy when he was talking about how he had to cut his calories (aka eat half a banana, not a full one; half a bagel, not a whole one). It was like, Meb, you run 100+ miles per week, and you have to cut calories? 

That is, until, I turned 30 and my metabolism apparently went on vacation. Since then, I’ve started eating PROBAR Bite for breakfast. 


It has been the perfect amount of nutrition and calories for me! I have noticed that I don’t miss having a big breakfast during the week and that I stay full enough until I eat lunch. Plus, I absolutely love the taste of these. 

Soooo… in honor of the holidays AND my favorite treat of the day, I’m hosting a giveaway for YOU to get a chance to bring PROBAR into your life! Good luck! 🙂 

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