Like I talked about on Monday, I have been sucking it up for running lately (seriously, I don’t know what’s up with that! But just going with it for now… I’ll get back to it at some point). But, I have been killing it at Orangetheory! Last night was my third class for the week and it was hard. 


I have never burned that many calories in an Orangetheory class! INTENSE. We did this partner workout, which at first I was a little apprehensive about but it was pretty fun. 

Anyways, on to three things for today!


I am super excited because later today I am headed to downtown Austin for The Running Event.

crazyrunninggirl.brooks[shoe fountain from brooks in 2014]


Last year was my first time attending this event and it’s the coolest thing. It’s designed specifically for people who own running stores as an opportunity to meet and learn about new, innovative products in the running world to bring into their stores. I have meetings set up with a bunch of awesome companies, so I’m excited to share all of it with you tomorrow. 

I will probably leave wanting to open a running store, like I did last year, but that’s another issue. 


And speaking of running fun, this weekend I am headed to California to cheer on my bestie Kelly at the California International Marathon in Sacramento!


Fun fact: We were random college roommates and have been friends ever since. We lived in the dorms together for two years and then in an apartment off-campus for two years. Even though we’ve moved all over the country, we’re still super close and it’s awesome that we can share our love for marathons together! 


Lastly, PRO Compression announced the holiday sock of the month and it’s…. 



AWESOME! Totally love this design. I love the ugly sweater look, I think these will be so cute and fun to wear for a reindeer run or jingle bell jog. 🙂 Save 40% and get free shipping with coupon code H15. 


What are three things on your mind this Thursday? What are your plans for the weekend? 


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