I had a blast yesterday at The Running Event and have LOTS of amazing things to recap for you, but that will take me a few days… so look for that on Monday!

In the meantime, Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC has a really fun theme today for Friday Five and I can’t resist joining up. So, today we’re talking about dream vacations! 

A few months ago, I shared five running trips you must take and this time… I’m taking running out of the equation and just talking about the dream vacations that I have on my list. 


1. Vietnam and Cambodia


I have heard amazing things about visiting these countries and I so want to do it! They have become an “up and coming” destination choice and I want to go before they become too popular (if they haven’t already). Hiking and great food top my list, as well as some of the usual tourist destinations. 


2. Norway


My grandpa was Norwegian, I have Norwegian in my blood and I grew up in a Norwegian town so Norway always will hold a special place in my heart. I would love to visit Norway for hiking, to try authentic Norwegian food and of course, to enjoy the amazing views. 


3. Germany


I go back and forth for when I want to visit Germany. I do think it would be super cool to visit during the Christmas holiday season because I have heard that they have some amazing holiday markets and know how to do it right. I would also love to go during Oktoberfest because, well, beer. Either way, Germany definitely tops the list… and we’ve even talked about going next year!


4. Alaska


Alaska is such a beautiful state and it has jumped to the top of my list as a place to go! I think just enjoying nature and trying to look at moose would be a lot of fun. I would love to tour Alaska and just check out the culture and different cities. Even though it’s part of the U.S., I feel like it’s so different than any other state. 


5. South Africa


One of my previous coworkers was from South Africa and used to show me the most beautiful pictures of Cape Town. I know that it has its issues with crime in some areas, but I would love to visit South Africa and spend some time at the beach and even venture on a safari. 🙂


There are obviously a million and one other places that I would love to visit as well… anyone want to fund my travel fund? 🙂 And, I didn’t even touch on some of the cool destinations for races (Antarctica Marathon, anyone?)! 🙂 Another post for another day. 


What places are on your dream vacation list?

Pick one: Beach, mountain or city? Why? 


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