Hello, hello! I had big plans of having a post up yesterday and writing it over the weekend while I was in Sacramento, and that just didn’t happen. That’s life. It’s OK. 🙂



So, this weekend I was in California for CIM, which is known as one of the fastest courses in the U.S. It has been on my list to run for this reason, but my friend Kelly took the plunge and actually registered — with a goal of a sub-3:10! Yep, she’s speedy. Anyways, it turned into a fun reason for a girl’s weekend and I took a minute to actually think about registering before I decided that it would be more fun to be a spectator for once. 



We flew in early on Saturday morning and headed to grab lunch at a super cute sandwich shop. She always eats the same thing, something super simple and plain, the day before, which is definitely smart (I can learn a lot from her). 

From there, we went to the expo and visited the various booths and walked around. 



It’s definitely a smaller expo and didn’t take us long to look at things. One of the things I liked about packet pick-up — there wasn’t a lot of junk in the bags. Bag, shirt, number. All you really need. 

We took some time to walk around the finish area after that (it’s weird because the men and women split at the end for different finish lines? I feel like it’s something I’d have a hard time realizing at mile 26.1) and a little rest before dinner at Chipotle.

The next morning, she woke up at 3ish in the morning and got ready. I tried to keep her company in my half asleep state, and I know she was super fired up and ready to go! Initially, they said it was going to rain throughout the entire race, but they changed the forecast to not be that bad. 

So, one of Kelly’s good friends from Seattle was running the race too — aiming for sub-3:25 — and I met up with her husband to go to various spots. We cheered at mile 6, 9, 12, 16 and 22. 

crazyrunninggirl.cim3[kelly in the pink!]


My sign was a big hit: 


Surprisingly, it was mostly men who realized where it came from (or women did, and were too focused to say anything). It was fun to have a sign that was like an inside joke and I’m glad I went with this one. People were so excited to see us at all the spots along the way (we would cheer on Kelly and then wait for Allison, so there was a good chunk of people in the middle we cheered for as well).

Spectating is hard work, though! I’ve always appreciated spectators but man, it takes a lot to yell and cheer on people — especially people you don’t know. I did learn that if you are wearing something unique — like the guy we saw in the Superman shirt, that we proceeded to call Superman every time we saw them — it makes it a little easier to cheer because you can say something versus trying to read their name/number. 

Kelly finished in 3:11.11, a huge PR for her, and Allison, in 3:28, which was her B goal for the day. They both ran an amazing race and said that the course was really good (except for some rolling hills they didn’t realize/know about). 



I feel like watching marathons are SO inspirational, whether you are a runner or not. It’s a good reminder that you can achieve a goal that you go for and I love seeing everyone out on the course putting all of their hard work into action over the past few months. Congratulations to all who ran CIM this weekend! Hope you made fetch happen. 


Have you been to Sacramento? What did you think? I’ve heard mixed reviews and personally, I thought it was really cute! A little quirky, but good food and some fun areas.

What do you love about race spectating? 

Do you like “Mean Girls”? 

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