Last year was my first year going to The Running Event and it was the bomb dot com. I LOVED being able to preview all of the awesome running gear and to talk to industry experts. So, when I had the chance to go again, you bet your bottom dollar I was asking off work to go (yeah, you read that right!). 



One of the things I like to do is to set up some meetings with brands ahead of time to get a chance to learn more about what’s coming out, and also walk the floor. By walking the floor, for instance, I learned that Headsweats has trucker hats.



I know, life-changing. Running in trucker hats are my favorite for rainy days, and with the Headsweats technology? Even better. 



I started my day by meeting with Joe DeSena, who founded Spartan Race. I think my conversation with him deserves a post by itself, but it was great to meet him and get to know him a little bit. 

Followed by that, I met up with the people at Eagle Creek. Eagle Creek has been around for a really long time, but recently ventured into the world of packing for running. 



I love their stuff! If you’ve ever tried to travel with wet running clothes in one suitcase? Not fun. Oh, and they also have a laundry bag I want to check out to put my running clothes in instead of mixing it in the normal laundry basket and making our whole closet smell… lovely. 🙂

From there, I headed to Tailwind.



I meant to meet up with Tailwind last year, but ran out of time. I’ve been super interested to hear more about it after learning from a few friends that it was really good for them. Basically it’s a “meal” in a bottle and was initially used by trail runners. More marathoners have started using it, mostly because it simplifies the fueling strategy for any race. All you need is a bottle with some Tailwind, and you get everything you need. With all of my fueling issues, I’m super interested in checking it out. 

It was off to meet with Oofos. I met with Duncan once again, I first met her at the Boston Marathon earlier this year. 


I LOVE what they’ve done with their line! Their shoes are amazing to wear after a race because they help your muscles recover. 

(I told you I was busy) Because next up was Moji! I have a VERY ancient Moji in my house that I roll my feet against when I’m brushing my teeth. 



However, they’ve since updated their line to make it easier to use wherever you need it. It definitely offers a harsher roll out than the foam roller, which I think sometimes you need. I love that you can use the steel balls and put them in the freezer! Never knew about that. 

I also stopped by Gu (did you know that they are vegan?) before stopping by to say hello to Brooks Running



I am so in love with the new Pure Cadence 5! These come out in January I believe, and the color and design is on point. They updated the fit a little bit, so I can’t wait to see how they feel. 



From there —> Pearl Izumi to check out their new clothing collections and see what’s up with Fuel Belt (a lot has changed since I bought my first, and current, one in 2006!) and to learn about Balega (apparently the best running sock out there? Never heard of them!). 



I also checked out the ZeroRunner, a no-impact way to get your run on when you’re hurt (think Alter G) at an affordable price.


It was really weird to get used to “running” on the machine… but I think with practice, you would be a pro at it in no time. 

I also stopped by and checked out some new headphones from JBL

They acquired YurBuds about a year ago and have since married the technology of staying in your ear with the sound quality of JBL. I really want to try them out!

From there, I made a few last stops —>

GLUKOS —> Bars, chews and drinks that are built on glucose — what your body needs to stay fueled up during a race. It was amazing because when I met with them last year, they were in the corner and nobody really knew them and this year, they had a huge booth and were surrounded. They recently were named the fuel of choice for RnR races, so that may have had something to do with it. 

Janji —> YAY Dave and Mike! I love these two and what they are doing with Janji. They just opened their first store in Boston and have amazing plans for 2016. I got a sneak peek at their line for the year and it looks amazing… all of it!



YakTrax —> Obviously we don’t need these too much down in Austin, but I love this brand and think they are amazing for anyone who has to run on snow and ice! And, you can also use them for other things… like walking on ice in the winter months. 🙂



Overall, it was a REALLY fun day! I of course wished that I had several more hours to walk the floor and see what else is coming up. There is a LOT more to share, so stay tuned here and on Examiner for future articles about everything new and coming out in 2016! 🙂


Have you ever been to a show like The Running Event? What did you think? 

What running gear tops your list for 2016? What’s the oldest piece of running gear/apparel/shoes you have, and what are they? 


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