Last night was my work holiday party and every year they give away a TON of amazing prizes. This year, I was lucky enough to win!


Does anyone have one? What do you think about it? So excited!

While this is a fun gift for a runner (technology is always a win), I have some other gift ideas that will knock their socks right off this holiday season.



I did publish my stocking stuffer guide last week, so check that out for some gift ideas, too! Note, I have tried all of these products and either personally own them or wish I owned them (ah-hem, family in my life, here you go). 


Runtastic Moment 



I shared a few months ago how much I was loving the Fitbit, but they have some serious quality issues (although, don’t get me wrong, they will pretty much send you a new one every time you have issues — but it’s a major drag!) so when Runtastic released the Moment, I was pumped. I love the colors and that it looks like more of a real watch, plus it still captures all of the data as Fitbit. Definitely recommend it over the Fitbit! 


Garmin Forerunner 220



For a few years in NYC, I ran without a watch and it was a silly thing to do because I was never able to track my performance. I LOVE running with my Garmin Forerunner 220 and it does exactly what I need it to. This would be a great gift for any runner (and it’s available in black/red). 


Brooks Seattle Shell



Brooks sent me the Seattle Shell to test out and it’s immediately become one of my favorites. I pretty much lived in it, both when I was in Colorado and California. It is water and wind resistant, which is awesome especially as we get in the heart of winter. I think it’s great to wear when you’re active, but also if you’re just going around town. It keeps you warm and I love how it gives you a nice shape — most jackets don’t do that!

P.S. I’m also loving the Seattle Tight, seen in this picture, which have wind and waterproof protection on the parts of your pants where you face that the most (e.g., the quad region). I wore these when we went skiing and it was amazing at how warm they kept me!


Running Shoes



You will become a favorite person if you gift a runner their running shoes of choice! How to find out? You can just ask them. Runners LOVE to talk about their running shoes and if you show interest? Even better. Just be prepared for a really long conversation about drops and tongues and grips. But anyways, get some insight into what running shoes they love and surprise them with a new pair under the tree! (I personally love the Brooks Glycerin!) 


Evofit Enso 



This is definitely on the pricier end for a foam roller, but the Evofit Enso is SO worth it. It gives you a deeper massage, which hurts so good if you know what I mean. I use this thing religiously for my IT bands and it makes them happy, which all runners know is no small feat. 


Zero Runner



Well, you REALLY need to love the runner in your life for this one because MSRP for a Zero Runner is around $4,000 but this would be an AMAZING gift! Basically it’s a no-impact treadmill so that when you are injured, you can run on here and still get the benefits of running but not the impact to your joints. Obviously it can be used like a treadmill too, so you can run on it when it’s bad weather outside or if you just don’t feel like dealing with the outside world. 


What’s on your holiday wishlist this year? Any other gift ideas for runners? 

Who’s racing this weekend!? Tell me about it!

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