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Thank you all for your kind words on yesterday’s post! I love reading everyone else’s perspectives and looking at things in a different way since it’s so easy to look at things in my tunnel vision. I haven’t made a decision yet, but am leaning towards not running the race and looking for a late April/early May marathon that I can train for and aim for the sub 3:30 goal. I’ll let you know for sure. 🙂

So, since I’ve been such a big slacker at running, one of the things top of mind is staying fit during the holidays. Not running = not being able to eat as much as I usually do. The one good thing about being sick? The zero appetite I’ve been having. 

But, there are holiday parties and tons of festivities coming up and… did you know, that just on Christmas Day, the average person consumes 6,000 calories?! To burn those calories, the average man or woman needs to run anywhere from 10-12 hours. Who’s ready for an all-day race? 

The good news: baking or prepping food for one hour can burn 159 calories (although, I tend to snack as I bake… you know, sampling the dough to make sure those cookies will taste good :)) and sledding for 30 minutes can burn 238 calories. 

So for me, some of the things that I do to make sure I’m staying fit during the holidays:

—> Take the stairs. Is there ever a point in life where you are so in shape, that the stairs don’t make you get out of breath? I have never experienced it. Always out of breath, no matter how much I run. But taking the stairs, even if it’s just going down, makes a huge difference.

—> Park far away. I do this anyways because I am bad at parking and hate parking next to people. But park a little further away than you have to so you get a few more steps as you walk in. Every little step counts. 🙂 

—> Work out when you can. I usually have a full plate this time of year, and with everything else going on that I talked about yesterday, working out tends to fall to the bottom of the list. But, try to find times when you can squeeze it in! Like today, I’m hitting up Orangetheory Fitness over lunch instead of going out (and eating a big meal with lots of calories at a restaurant). Or, do strength training exercises when you’re brushing your teeth (squats, anyone?). 

—> Get your rest. Not sleeping causes stress on your body, which can increase the production of cortisol, which can lead to wait gain. So, make sure you are getting your rest! Even if it just means spending some time watching holiday movies… your body will thank you. 

—> Spend time on yourself. I am TERRIBLE at this and often spend my days running around to make sure everything else (and everyone else) is happy and ready to go for the holidays. Make sure you are giving yourself some ME time to truly enjoy this time of year. You’ll thank yourself. 🙂


I love this infograph from Runtastic that offers some additional tips to stay healthy this holiday season. I especially want to check out this Butt Trainer app they reference! 

Runtastic Infograph


How do you keep yourself fit during the holidays? 

What’s your favorite exercise app on your phone? 

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