It’s starting to feel a little like winter here, now that it’s in the 30s. Still not cold enough for this Wisconsinite to break out a “winter” jacket. 

Although I absolutely LOVE living in Austin, one of the things I miss is snow! I feel like it doesn’t feel like winter (or the holiday season) unless you have some snow around you. But that’s OK, because at least there are some places that you can travel to that have snow, right!?

So, I’m linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC today to share my five favorite winter activities — some that need snow, some that don’t. 🙂


1. Running 



Duh, would you be surprised if I said anything else? I love running in the winter months (as long as it’s not below zero – ha!) because, especially in Austin, the temperature is absolutely ideal for running outside. Here, we can just put on a pair of capris, a long sleeve shirt and a vest (with some gloves + hat), and I’m good to go!


2. Downhill skiing



I love love LOVE skiing! Over Thanksgiving, I went to Colorado and had my first experience skiing there and it was absolutely amazing. 


3. Decorating for the holidays



This counts as a winter activity, right?! I love decorating for the holidays, especially getting a real tree and covering it with my favorite ornaments. With everything going on this year, I wasn’t really in the mood to do this but I’m living vicariously through everyone else on Instagram. 🙂


4. Going to holiday events!



Speaking of the holidays, I love participating in all the awesome holiday events that they have. NYC had a ton and Austin isn’t too shabby either. Last night was our first time going to Trail of Lights, and it was really cool and a lot of fun. I love how much more there is to do this time of year with all of the events around the holidays. 


5. Watching holiday movies



I know winter goes a lot longer than around Christmas, but I do love watching holiday movies. I think Elf is by far my favorite but I do get sucked in to the ones on the Hallmark Channel. Last night I was watching the Nine Lives of Christmas. Cheesy, yes, but definitely entertaining. 


What are your favorite winter activities? Favorite holiday movie? 

Snow: yay or nay? 

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