So, this weekend it was time to get down to serious business. 


Ha, ha. Seriously, isn’t he adorable!? This is another great find from the Wish app — I am hooked on this thing because I can buy stupid stuff like this for $1 and not feel terrible for wasting too much money (it only takes like four weeks for stuff to get here sometimes… ha). 


I finally sent for a run on Saturday. I started out with really great intentions — thinking that I would hit my 10 mile loop and feel awesome. Well, my stupid cold (grrr) left me with this lingering cough and that does not get along with running, and decided to flare up around mile two, so I took a few minute walking break and changed plans to run five miles. 



Since I’ve been slacking up a storm, I wasn’t that surprised when I felt some soreness later that day from the run. Woo! I’ll take it. Because seriously, I’ve been feeling like this… 



Weekend continued with some Christmas shopping and a stop at Torchy’s Tacos.



They have a new Taco of the Month this December (Southpole with lamb, no thanks), but since they have all the ingredients for last year’s (Naughty Santa), you can still order it! And it has to be my favorite Taco of the Month I’ve had… so yummy. 

And I woke up yesterday with an urge to make sugar cookies.



It’s always been a tradition of my family’s to make sugar cookies a few days before Christmas. We always store the cookies in the garage because it’s usually in the 20s or 30s (or even colder) and there’s nothing better than a cold sugar cookie. So, this year, I’ll have to take storing them in the fridge since it’s supposed to be near 80 this week (seriously Texas, it’s called winter). 


Did you run this weekend? How far? 

What’s one of your favorite holiday traditions? 

What’s the weather like by you today? 


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