I’m happy to say that I at least hit half my goal this year of reading a book a month by finishing Good in Bed this week. We won’t talk about the fact that I’m still reading Game of Thrones, which I started in summer of 2014. 

Yeah, right? Seriously though, it’s a good book, it just isn’t one that you can pick up and read a few pages here and there. You definitely need a good chunk of time to get into it because a few pages just doesn’t hack it. 

Anyways, when I headed back to Wisconsin in November, I forgot all my books at home and was looking for something light and fun to read. Jennifer Weiner usually fits the bill. I like her writing style for the most part and they are easy books to get into. 


Good in Bed is actually the first book that Jennifer Weiner published (in the early 2000s). The book follows the life of Cannie, who recently dumped her seemingly perfect boyfriend, Bruce. Bruce is now using their relationship as content for his column for a popular magazine, so she (along with millions of others) get to read about what he really thought about her, his new girlfriend and everything in between. 

I don’t want to give too much away, so let’s just say that the book follows her life as she tries to find herself and get over Bruce, with some adventures that include meeting (and befriending) Hollywood’s hottest star.

It was a good read overall, something light, funny and interesting. If you are looking for some quick and breezy, this is the book for you. I also see that there are two additional books in the series (one prequel and one sequel) that I am adding to my to-read list. 


What’s the last book you read? What’s your favorite genre of books? 

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