Happy happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous time last night saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016. Now, it’s time to get down to business… New Year’s resolutions!

Although, I feel like I should call them goals since research shows that only eight percent of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved. 

But first, a few days ago, I mentioned that I am going to focus on one word this year and have my goals feed into that, rather than just doing other random stuff with no focus. 

So, the word of the year: me. 

Before you sigh and call me a stereotypical selfish millennial, I’ve given this a lot of thought. I have become a type of person that takes care of everyone else before me, and have forgotten how to focus on myself and make sure that I’m happy first. 



And, there’s no way that you can be happy — even if everyone you love is — without being happy with yourself first. Perhaps that’s my biggest takeaway from 2015. 

To change that, this year I’m focusing on myself. On standing up for myself, and learning how to say no instead of doing something that I don’t want to do just because it makes someone else happy. On spending time on my passions, so that I can feel fulfilled and truly look at myself and say I love this life. 

To be fair, I can’t say that right now. I’m not sure I could ever say that in 2015. Sure, there were a lot of amazing things happening throughout the year, but there were a lot of things bubbling under the surface that stole my happiness and my love for life. 

So, this year that is changing. This year is the year of me, so that I can find that love for life and the happiness that will follow. 


The Year of Me… 

  • Set a PR in any distance: This was one that I accomplished in 2015 and I love this goal. I am aiming to PR in the marathon this year (again), marathon TBD, but hopefully in late spring.
  • Try one new thing a month: I am excited to expand my horizons this year by trying one new thing a month. I think going out of your comfort zone helps you grow as a person and challenges your perspective on life. First up? Learning how to curl on Sunday!
  • Read one book a month: I set this goal last year and did not accomplish it, and this goes back to not focusing on me and what I love. I LOVE to read and sadly, over the years, my love for reading has dissipated as it has been pushed to the side as I focus on other things. Not anymore! I will accomplish this goal this year (and finish reading Game of Thrones). 
  • Complete five craft projects: I love crafting! And again, something I love to do should be a focus in my life, so that’s why this is an important goal for me. Who knows, one of the projects could be from something I find out in #2. 🙂
  • Find balance: The experts will say that this is the worst kind of goal or resolution that you can set. It’s not specific, it’s not actionable. But, it is very meaningful to me and I feel like finding balance is a work in progress that will take time. I’m not quite sure what balance will look like it my life, but as I focus on bettering myself as a person, this will be one that will evolve and fall into place. 


So there you have it! I’m looking forward to a great year in 2016, whatever “great” may be. 


What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Or do you call them “goals”? 

If you could describe 2016 in one word, what would it be? 

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