After a week and a half away from home, we made it back to Austin on Saturday and spent some time at home before we got into the bump and grind. It felt so good to see this face again: 



I didn’t run in Houston as much as I was wishing that I did; but did manage to make it out once to try the Buffalo Run trail on the southwest side of the city. 



I didn’t see any buffalos.

It was a shorter loop, only about 1.5 miles (they say 1.9 miles online but I couldn’t figure out where that extra distance came from) so I did two and a half loops for five miles. My miles in December were not good and I think supports my decision of not running the Houston Marathon this year even more. 

For all the time I didn’t spend running, I spent it crocheting!

The American Heart Association is collecting hats for its Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign in January. The handmade hats are donated to local hospitals and given to babies born in February to raise awareness for heart disease.


So far, I’ve made three total and hope I can get another handful done before the deadline. 🙂

But anyways! Back to getting back to life and making my goals for the New Year happen. Number one, getting back into running, fitness and health. I feel like I’ve been on a binge of drinking and eating wayyy too much for the past few weeks and that has to stop (my pants are crying). 

Along with getting back to a running routine, I’ll be continuing Orangetheory. I also signed up for Sam’s New Year’s Nutrition Bootcamp and am working hard to eat healthier. I know that it all comes down to a mind thing, and am trying to remind myself of this. 


I am trying to focus on small changes, rather than drastically eliminating all the bad stuff from my diet and inevitably setting myself up for failure. This time, I’m going to make it happen. First up? No soda. No. Soda. 

I have tried this numerous times, but have failed. Over and over again. This time, it will be different. It WILL. 



Anyone else binge for the last few weeks of 2016? Please tell me I’m not alone. 🙂

Any tips for quitting soda? Or any unhealthy foods? 

What’s the next race on your calendar? 


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