Yesterday was my first Orangetheory class of the year and it was rough. Don’t you love how it takes months to get in shape, but over the course of a lazy week, you can lose it all? 

Out of shape? Round is a shape!


So yeah, I have some ways to go before I’m back to feeling amazing during and after a workout. But that’s OK. I kinda knew this was going to happen, so the only person I can be mad at is myself. 

When you’re out of shape, working out is just… not that fun. Well, you might say that it’s never fun and those two words should never be in the same sentence together. 



Some tips for how to survive a workout when you’re out of shape: 

1. Slow your pace. I know, this is hard to hear… especially when you were previously killing it and you can’t go at the same intensity. Don’t kill yourself! Slow your pace and let your body get back into it. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself or burning yourself out from being frustrated about the situation. 


2. Focus on form. With a slower pace, you can focus more on how you’re doing it versus how much you can do. Make sure you are following the right techniques, which will give you the biggest boost from the routine anyways. Plus, it’ll make you that much more successful once you gain back your strength.


3. Celebrate small successes. You wanted to walk during that treadmill run, but you didn’t? You pushed through three sets, instead of two? Kudos, to you. Give yourself a pat on the back and build yourself up… you are doing something amazing by being out there and deserve to recognize it!


4. Drink water. OK, I’ll admit it, sometimes I take one or two extra water breaks during OTF when I’m out of shape. I just need a few minutes to catch my breath, plus you need to hydrate! If you are out for a run, give yourself a water break and let yourself stop and rest for a minute, or just walk a bit. It’s okay. 


5. Have a mantra. Ooh mantras are my favorite. Sometimes, not even mantras, but rather a purpose for the burn. So I can fit into those jeans is a good one, but sometimes I like to think of something that made me mad/frustrated/sad and use fitness to burn it out of me. That makes me feel SO much better afterwards. 


Lastly —> take it slow. One of the biggest mistakes I see of people who are trying to start a fitness routine is that they are so gung ho that they burn themselves out. One of my old coworkers decided he wanted to start running. His running routine looked like this:

M: 90 minute run

Tu: 60 minute run

We: no run

Th: 90 minute run

Fr: no run

Sa: no run

Su: no run


….and that was the end of his running career! Instead, focus on building up habits by running or working out for 15 minutes a day. We all have 15 minutes that we can spare. Once that becomes part of your routine, make it a little bit longer and just make it part of your schedule. Baby steps. 🙂


I must mention, I am super proud of myself because I’ve made it two days with no soda. TWO! That’s huge. I’m worried about today. It’s usually the third or fourth day when that wonderful caffeine headache starts to set in… 


How do you push through when you’re out of shape? What’s the hardest aspect for you? 

I’ve asked it before but I love hearing them —> what’s your favorite mantra to keep you going? 

Quick! What’s the last thing you drank? 🙂

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