The team at Brooks Running sent me the Launch 3 at the end of last year to start trying out before it hit the shelves in early January. Spoiler alert: They are amazing. 

I used these shoes for both running and also for Orangetheory Fitness. So far, I’ve probably put about 20-25 miles on them. I like to wear a shoe that is flexible and light for OTF, because we do a lot of quick work on the treadmill and move around a lot in the weights and with the row machine. Previously, I was rocking the Pure Cadence 4, but I knew it was time to switch it up to something new!

Before I get into my review —> some important things to note about the Launch 3:

  • The shoe is an update to the Launch 2, which Brooks brought back in 2014 after many many MANY people were asking them to bring it back after they took the Launch off the shelves. 
  • This shoe is neutral, lightweight and still has a lot of cushion. It makes it perfect for people like me who are heel strikers, but also works for your mid-foot runner.
  • There is a drop of about 10mm — which is similar to the Glycerins. Brooks says these are ideal for people with medium to high arches (I have high arches, so they support me well there). 
  • The shoes are highly ventilated —> which means you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet, no matter the conditions. 



So, time for my thoughts on the Launch 3!

The biggest change I noticed between these and the Launch 2 was a sleeker design that was more streamlined, fitting the lightweight definition of the shoe. I also liked that they took away most of the plastic insert in the toe box, which I think could be irritating for some runners who’s toes may butt up against it like a wall. This is mostly gone and you can barely feel it, so I think that irritation may be out of here in this model. 

Of course, one of the things I love most about these shoes is the bright color. They are seriously highlighter pink and instantly put me in a good mood when I have them on! Don’t you love how that works?!

Lastly, I love how light they are on my feet. I feel like I can tell a difference from running in my Glycerins, which are my go-to long distance training shoes. They are very breathable, as you can tell by the mesh fabric on the top of the toe box. 



I have to mention too, that the Launch 3 are super affordable for running shoes. They are $100! Most running shoes are $150+, so for someone on a budget, you can get some quality running shoes at a great price. I would definitely recommend these for people who are looking for a neutral, cushioned shoe that has flexibility and a pop of style. 


What are key considerations for when you buy running shoes? Do you feel like bright colors give you extra energy? 

How much do you spend on running shoes? 


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