Happy happy Friday you guys! I can’t believe that this is technically the second Friday of 2016 already. Can you? Holy moly!



This week flew by, mostly because I feel like I have a LOT I need to get done at work so while the days were long, they didn’t seem to have enough hours to get them in. Plus, it was a good week for working out! I’ll share more about that on Monday, but it feels so good to get back on track with running and fitness. 

And, along with that — eating a little healthier! I’m joining up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC to share one of the BIG changes that I’m working on, quitting soda. 

Yep, I kinda sound like a broken record to you long-time fans of CRG. This is what the second, third, fourth? time that I’ve said I’m quitting soda. And every single time, I’ve failed. 

But, this time is different. I have a different perspective on soda these days. 


I used soda as a reward; as a comforter when I had bad days. That little taste of sweetness seemed to relieve every negative emotion I was feeling — from stress to sadness to anger. But what was left? A grimy film on my teeth and a bloated stomach. Awesome. 

So, I started on Monday and told myself to take it one day at a time and I’m happy to say that I made it — today is day 5! I didn’t get the caffeine withdrawal headaches that I thought, which was an added bonus; and I only had a rough time one day this week where I almost caved and got one. 

What’s different? I’m finally learning how to change my perspective on food — the bad food — and understand that I have control over what I put into my mouth. It’s not there to make me feel better or to give me something to do; food is there to fuel my body. And, in the past few years, I’ve been sabotaging all the time I’ve been spending running and at the gym — and for what? Momentary bliss? 

I’m starting with soda, and I’m working through the rest of my diet. It’s one baby step, but one baby step equals major progress, and I’ll take that. I’m not saying that my diet is suddenly going to become kale and almonds, but I am aiming for more balance. And not using food as a way to deal with my feelings. 

So, if you’re with me and quitting soda in the New Year, these are some things that helped me to get through this week (because I think if I can get through this week, I can get through the next weeks!):

  • Always have water. Sometimes I would convince myself that I needed soda because I was thirsty. You can’t be thirsty if you have water with you. 
  • Tell a lot of people. I told a lot of people I was quitting, to keep me accountable. Especially people at work, who would see me go grab a soda from the fridge and wonder what I was doing… 
  • Replace the sweetness. This was a big one for me — I craved that sugary taste. Instead, I armed myself with fruit — grapes, oranges, etc. which seemed to help to take away that craving. It’s also important to know what might be a good replacement for that fizz, if you crave the bubbles. I successfully tried and enjoyed this La Croix flavor this week:


  • Know your goal. WHY do you want to quit drinking soda? That little demon voice in your head will tell you that it’s all rubbish when you really get that craving, but if you have a GREAT reason (sub-3:30 marathon babyyy!), it can’t fight you that hard. 
  • Congratulate yourself. As humans, we suck at this. Why can’t we ever say kudos to ourselves? If you make it through the day, or even through that tough hour (mine is 9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.) — give yourself a smile and a pat on the back. YOU DID IT. 


Are you a soda drinker? What’s your kryptonite when it comes to food? 

What are you most excited about this weekend? I am going to learn how to curl! So excited! 

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