So it’s kinda funny because I can’t believe how sore I am from curling! I suppose I used different muscles than I typically do, aka back muscles, but it was a pleasant surprise when I woke up yesterday.

Last night I also hit up Orangetheory. I feel like I’ve been all over the place with working out over the past few weeks, where I get one step ahead and two steps back. I’ve just been kinda going with it, fitting it in when I can and enjoying it as much as I can and hoping that things get to a point where I can be on a regular routine once again.

Anyways, last night’s workout was killer! The thing that I love about these classes is the variety. Every class is so different, with so many different moves, even when you’re on the treadmill. So, we did some work on the treadmill (alternating between sprinting and pushing our pace), on the rower (alternating rowing with froggers — brutal) and in the weight room (rows, abs and more).



A few weeks ago, my friend sent me Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please. I have now reached page 100 (I might actually read TWO books this month; I know, be impressed), and have a completely different understanding of Amy Poehler. She is definitely my new idol. 

I never watched SNL when I was growing up (I remember the times I tried, it was usually when I was babysitting and fell asleep before the good skits came on) and apparently missed out on an incredible show — Parks & Rec — which I’ve been told by numerous people that I must buy Netflix so I can watch it. 

Anyways, I never knew Amy Poehler. I had heard of her, and knew that she was funny, but she is such an incredible person. I love the way that she approaches life, comedy and everything in between. I feel like she is so real, which is so refreshing when it seems like Kim Kardashian is everyone’s favorite celebrity these days. 

And, if you haven’t seen Sisters, do it. The combination of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler = pure amazingness. It’s hard to pick out which one is better than the other, because they complement each other perfectly. I would definitely go see it again, so if you’re in Austin and need a movie buddy… 


Do you prefer workouts that have variety? Why or why not?

Are you a SNL fan? Amy Poehler fan? 

What’s the last movie you watched that was awesome? 

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