Last week got a little crazy so I took a few days off from the blog. After a weekend recharge, I feel ready to go and to tackle whatever may be thrown my way this week. I hope you feel the same way! 🙂

And one of the things that I want to be thrown into the mix? Working out and running! I’ve taken quite a few days off of running in the past few weeks and have a half marathon creeping up on the schedule. 


Today recognizes one of the greatest men in our history, Martin Luther King, Jr. When you look up quotes on the web (one of my favorite things to do, for some reason it’s really comforting to know that someone else went through — or felt similar to you — in a particular situation), his inevitably rise to the top. 

There are tons of great ones, but this is one of my favorites:



Obviously, from a very literal perspective, it’s inspirational in the fact that you should do whatever you can to make your goal happen. Run, walk, crawl… whatever it takes.

When you go beyond the literal meaning, I think it’s even more powerful.  

Keep moving forward. 

What are you doing today that’s moving yourself forward to tomorrow, to your future goals and your future you? Two favorite words of mine that I’ve been using a lot recently: baby steps. 

It takes the little things to get to the point where we reach our big goals. It takes the minor efforts that you make today in order to make a change in the future. One day, you’ll look back on it and see the progress that you made and be impressed by what you were able to do. 

All by refusing to give up. Refusing the mentality that what you do today isn’t worth it for what you want in the future. So, no matter what, no matter what it takes — keep moving forward. Even if it’s just a tiny, little step of progress. Even if it’s as minor as just taking yourself out of your comfort zone for today in honor of future you. 

Just keep moving forward. 


What’s your favorite MLK Jr. quote? Do you have today off work or school as a holiday? What are you doing? 

Tell me one favorite thing you did this weekend! 

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