Happy happy Friday! This was a very short week as it felt VERY busy. I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day, isn’t that always the case? 

Today, I’m joining up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC for a very random and fun topic… my five favorite apps! I feel like there are some apps that I use that I absolutely cannot live without, so I wanted to share with you! Note: this does not include normal everyday apps like banking (I hope you also look at your banking apps on a daily basis because I just need to make sure some random hacker isn’t buying fun things from Best Buy). 



1. Wish


I love love LOVE the Wish app. So, basically it’s China Town in an app. You order things that you view on an app and they ship it over on a barge. Some of the stuff is hit or miss, yes. Like, I’ve ordered quite a few clothes that haven’t fit. BUT, they are usually like $2 or $3 so it doesn’t bother me much. 

My favorite things to order from here are kitchen supplies and things for the home, like the really cute cat house above. 🙂



2. Acorns



I learned about Acorns from Budgets are Sexy. It’s a really fun app, where it “rounds up” your purchases and deposits it in an investment account similar to a 401K. I love it because it makes you save your money without you even realizing it, which is always a bonus! 🙂



3. Green Bay Packers Rewards



OK, I am admittedly ridiculous for loving this app! But it’s so fun. Basically, you read articles and click through things and you have the opportunity earn points in order to earn free Green Bay Packers gear. And if you aren’t a Packers fan (boo), you can download this for your favorite team and it’s the same idea.



4. Instagram

Post Orangetheory Fitness workout[i post a lot of selfies. be warned]

I’m a blogger who loves running, who loves Instagram. You can’t be surprised, right? You can follow me @loramarie03. 🙂



5. Words with Friends



I LOVE playing Words with Friends! I play with my Dad and a few friends, but it’s a fun way to exercise your brain and keep you in touch with your closest friends. If you want to play, let me know. 🙂


What are you favorite apps?

Do you check your bank accounts on a daily basis? Just me? Thanks. 🙂

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