This weekend, I got my running mojo back. And I got it back thanks to the 3M Half Marathon

Let me back up a little bit. I registered for this race back in December and I had a big plan to actually train for a half marathon. I usually run halfs as part of my marathon training plan, and I really wanted to see what I could do. 

Sometime along the way, I lost my running mojo and just didn’t have the motivation to run. One skipped day turned into a week and then a month and suddenly 3M was just around the corner and I was too late to even try to cram in a long run. Going into the race, I had run maybe 6 miles? once during the previous month. 

But, I decided to go for it. For one, the swag that you get for this race is unlike any other race and that’s benefit enough for running the 3M Half Marathon. 

crazyrunninggirl.3mhalfmarathon-swag[sorry, the clean sand system already found a home… :)]

And secondly, what did I have to lose? I posted on Instagram that I had no goals for this race, and to me, that’s the best way to run a race. I feel like sometimes, when you don’t have the pressure of hitting a certain time, it makes it easier to hit that time, if that makes sense. 


Race morning, I showed up about 40 minutes early and hung out at Texas Running Company (important to note if you want to run this in future years! It’s always freezing out and they let runners come and stake out here before the race) and hit up the port-a-potty before getting to the start, oh, about 30 seconds before the gun went off. Oops.

I started just behind the 1:50 pace group. In my head, I was like, eh – under 2 hours would be cool? I started off and felt pretty good. I looked at my watch around mile 1, and was right around 8:20… and then mile 2, sped it up a bit so was on target for just around 8s. 

The thing I love about running, is that I feel like every time your your foot pounds the pavement, it pounds out all the bad feelings you have going on in your brain and body for all that’s happening in life. And this race was therapeutic in that way. 

Anyways, the miles kept ticking by and I was still hitting close to 8s mile after mile. Around mile 4, I saw the be best sign — “you’re almost to the finish” with a picture of Steve Harvey, and under that, “oh wait, nevermind, you still have a ways.” #epic

Mile 6, I realized I was near halfway and still felt pretty good. I started to realize that maybe I figured out the art to this racing thing. Going out a little slower and speeding up along the way works WAYYY better than my previous strategy for the past six-ish years where it’s balls to the wall for the first few miles and then death for the rest of the race. 

Last year, I remember I hated miles 9-10 down 45th Street, but this year it was fine minus the sun trying to burn out my eyes. I loved turning onto Duval and knowing that it was just two miles and change to go! 

Finally, made one last left turn and saw the finish line in front… finishing in 1:46.35! 

The crazy thing? This is a nearly two minute PR on this course. I am a little mad at myself, admittedly, because I think I would have had a shiny new PR if I would have trained! But I think the race was great for a number of reasons, from the therapeutic aspects to finally being able to rekindle my love for running. 

crazyrunninggirl.3mhalfmarathon4[with my friends, casey and ramiro!]


I would definitely add this to your list of races to run in Austin. The bummer part is that I heard yesterday that 3M will be ending their sponsorship, so no more random goodies in your race bag. Maybe Apple (they have a big presence in Austin now) will take it over, and they’ll just drop some iPhones in everyone’s race packet instead. 😉


What You Need to Know about the 3M Half Marathon

  • It will be COLD on race morning… at least, it has been the past two years when I’ve run this race. Dress appropriately (even if you do hide out in Texas Running Company). 
  • They say it’s a downhill course, but it’s definitely the Austin version of a downhill course. That means there are some hills along the way. They aren’t huge or monsters by any means, but I think it could be frustrating if you thought you were cruising downhill for 13.1 miles. 
  • Since it’s point-to-point, they do offer shuttles at the finish to make it back to the start. The lines did get a little long when we lift this year (last year, no lines), so be prepared to wait for a bit. 
  • The medals are pretty sweet… 😉


crazyrunninggirl.3mhalfmarathon2[recovering the best way… popcorn, PRO Compression, Parenthood]


What TV show are you currently binge-ing on? 

What kind of goodies do you like in your race bags? Would you rather get good race swag or pay less for a race? 

Who else raced this weekend!? Tell us about it! 🙂 

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